Power & Energy Conference & Exhibition
June 15th 2023 | Rochestown Park Hotel - Cork

The Power & Energy Conference

The Power & Energy Conference 2023 will return to the Rochestown Park Hotel in Cork on 15th June 2023. International industry leaders confirmed to speak at the second edition of this impactful B2B networking event will be announced in December 2022. The agenda will go live in the New Year.

The Power & Energy Conference 2023 is sponsored by Keniry Advisory Services. For sponsorship queries contact Colin Murphy colin@prempubevents.com Premier Publishing & Events

2022 Key Themes:

Energy Security:

How can Ireland build an independent and integrated power system? What is required for Ireland’s grid and transmission infrastructure to be fit for purpose in 2030 and 2050? How will the Irish grid and transmission network be built out while allowing for integration into a supergrid? International best practice to develop, finance, and maintain transmission infrastructure onshore and offshore. What is the role of microgrids and smartgrids?

Empowering Project Ireland 2040:

How harnessing renewable energy resources and the expansion of the power system are central to the goals of the National Development Plan and Project Ireland 2040. What is the visible pipeline of infrastructure projects that can be procured, permitted, designed, financed, and built and in the near term to attain energy security and independence? What investments are required in Ireland’s ports to service the vessels required for the energy transition? Where is the Architecture, Engineering & Construction expertise and labour required going to be sourced? How can infrastructure and housing be designed, built, financed, and maintained to be compatible with a just energy transition?

RePowering Europe:

What do renewable energy developers need now? What is a sustainable alternative fuels export strategy? How can public and private capital be blended to finance the infrastructure required for a just energy transition? What are the next steps for the supergrid? What is the best strategy for the roll out of electric and sustainable fuel powered vehicles under the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation? Could co-location relieve range anxiety?

Ireland Inc.:

Where are the global opportunities for the Irish energy and climate tech supply chain? What does the industry in Munster require from local, national, and European policymakers to accelerate the economic transformation that can be achieved for the region from harnessing the resources of the Celtic Sea and Atlantic Ocean? The interconnection between data and power: What is the role of data in making renewable energy affordable? How can renewable energy provide constant power for a high-tech economy?