Power & Energy Conference & Exhibition
June 8th 2023 | Rochestown Park Hotel - Cork

The Power & Energy Conference 2023 will return to the Rochestown Park Hotel in Cork on 8th June 2023.

The second edition of this event is kindly sponsored by Bank of Ireland, and Keniry Advisory Services.

2023 Key Theme:

The 2nd Power & Energy Conference will again provide an open forum for leading experts and key stakeholders to identify challenges for Europe's energy transition and security, while finding solutions to accelerate this opportunity for an economic transformation for Ireland.

Access to constant power and energy has become increasingly uncertain for millions across Europe. Yet the infrastructure and resources needed to meet this challenge are still not being delivered at the pace required, such as the vast renewable energy resources available to Ireland.

Harnessing renewable energy resources is an opportunity for an unprecedented sustainable economic revolution that can alleviate the crises communities are confronting locally and globally.

Plans now need to be converted into projects, projects to power, and power to x.

The agenda will go live in spring 2023.